It’s snowing, each snowflake hits my blue beanie. I attempt to catch one, but it slips right out of my hand. I run my hand across a green building. I pass posters, posters of missing children. Turning around I see a chalkboard with thousands of names surrounds me. I find the perfect place to write mine. I sense that something is staring at me. Turning around I see a doll that is identical to me. Almost like a long lost twin. It creeps me out but my curiosity gets the better of me. I turn away for a second and it’s gone. “Where did it go?” I ask myself. I try opening the door, but it’s jammed. I have a small tantrum and throw a snowball at the door in anger and storm off.

I hear the door creaking as it opens. I run to the store to fully open the door. I take a look around seeing millions of dolls all different and unique. It fascinates me. I walk inside and I see the doll. I nearly touch it. Suddenly a toy on a bike hits me. I place it up to stand, it bikes to the door and hits it. I turn around and the doll had disappeared again. I find it on a high shelf. I climb onto a sofa near two disturbing dolls with short black hair and white headbands. The toy on the bike continues to hit the door. I take my glove off to touch the identical doll.

I touch the doll’s nose and my life flashes before my eyes. I breathe heavily as I look around. My perspective is like a fish eye lens. I realise I’m the identical doll now. I see every single doll’s eyes moving from side to side scanning, they are trapped too. Another doll emerges from below, standing on a pedestal. She has red hair, green eyes and red lipstick. Her dress is red too with green flowers on it. She is the next victim, and all we can do is watch new children join us.

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