High Diving Giraffes

Hey! Guess what we did today! We went inside a building, seeing millions of white tiles so clear I could see my reflection. My friends ahead of me are extremely excited, their long yellow tails are swinging left and right super fast. We walk perfectly in sync up the exhausting swirly walkway. I made it to the top, pausing. I’m at the far back of the line. I can’t see anything at all.

Suddenly… SPLASH!!! “What was that?!” I shouted to myself. My heart races really quickly, my stomach feels like a million butterflies are fluttering inside. I become curious, wondering what is happening. I peek over to see my best friend Amy! Dangling from the ceiling? “What is Amy doing” I wonder? It takes me a moment to understand. I now know. Amy and I have practised for this moment since we were calf’s. I snap back into reality, realising I’m the last giraffe. I sprint to her at lightning speed, our chins touch each other’s and… WHOOSH!! I flip through the air gracefully. The luminous crystal water hits my face.

I open my eyes, everything looks blurry. I can still see the bubbles surrounding me. Looking below, dark long blue lines mark each lane. Muffled clip-clops come in then slowly fade away. I reach the end of the pool and rise up to breathe. I have a little shake to get myself dry. We stood in line at the end of the pool to bend over and have a drink. It tastes horrible. We turn around and dash to the exit.

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