My Why Poem

My dark brown hair. My mothers deadly glare.

My loving sisters. My cat’s white whiskers.

My fear of heights. My ceiling lights.

My enjoyment for drawing. My secret belongings.

My love to swim. My favourite Marvel film.

My wish to explore. My the world’s at my door.

My noodly eggs. My long legs.

My favourite style. My big bright smile.

My adorable cat. My dark green hat.

My daily walks. My love to talk.

One thought on “My Why Poem

  1. Kia Ora April

    It’s Willietony here this task you did is very descriptive how you describe yourself and your whanau very Neat!!!

    Also the flag you presented to show your culture Excellent.

    I hope you stay safe and well with your whanau and take care of them and many Blessings to you all.

    Nga mihi nui

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